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So, Vib, whats new? VP: Well, first of all, lets talk about whats been a pretty consistent part of. MasterPass since day one. Weve been working in the digital wallet space for a very long time now with a pretty singular focus, how to leverage our merchant acceptance network and build out MasterPass. MasterPass isnt.

The Elrose Composite School submitted a written update to their school wide technology project based learning project. Currently they have two teachers that are well into their SWISI projects and a couple more that are about to embark on their SWISI projects. Planning has occurred during each of the school-based PD days. Michelle Prytula has.

Once learned, those students go back to their classrooms and teach those skills to their classmates. The project is focusing on students in kindergarten to Grade 4 mainly but some Grades 5-7 students are also involved. At Dinsmore Composite School teacher Sue Lytle and intern Kristen Blomert explained the their grade 5/6 class is working.

Now lets talk about whats new. What we announced last week is that in addition to our ongoing expansion were now up to 10 markets now with the launch in Poland and South Africa weve introduced new capabilities to bring more value to merchants. We announced our in-app payment capability. We believe that is how.

Drom ru million questions

masterPass is a platform to enable different shopping experiences across channels, safely and securely and, we use the word wallet as shorthand because we all know that drom ru million questions that means, and geographies, most importantly, merchants, but we really do think that shortchanges the power and potential of this digital commerce opportunity that is before us.

Weve tried to stay out of defining a preferred standard on how to do that. Our APIs need to support all types of transactions through whatever means and they do. And, to that end, were opening up our. APIs to allow for any of those channels to drive a MasterPass transaction. KW: There are a.

A typical PBL activity consists of students connecting with other students through Skype or Bridgit or email. Students work together in groups to solve practical авито купить авто в россии problems related to Physical Science in a collaborative manner.They share documents through Google Docs or through the Skydrive of the email system. Once all learning has been done on an.

For instance, if were focused on a digital mom in Australia, how will we develop apps that appeal to that digital mom? Maybe it would include something like Starbucks in Australia, or other types of activity. Its really a focus on how to develop those experiences or partner with developers who create those experiences to.

As we discussed, its how you build frequency, but many of these merchants tend to be very local. How do you reconcile the need to get massive merchant acceptance and frequency at places that are very local and therefore much harder to get to and acquire merchants? VP: That is a challenge payments is about.

Market. It just makes driving to scale that much more challenging. And, in response, for us its been about focusing on a few key issuer partners to help make them extremely successful. And, that success begets more success and so on. The acquisition of. C-Sam, which powered mobile payment services in countries like India, Japan.

So, in addition to bring larger online merchants on board, one of the things weve focused on is serving the long tail of merchants at scale. For example, we are developing partnerships with e-commerce platform providers or website hosting providers to enable MasterPass for 15,000 merchants at a time. Weve also developed a number of.

Drom ru million questions!

Sun West Initiative for School Improvement(SWISI ) The Sun West Initiative for School Improvement (SWISI ) is a bold approach to improving student learning by encouraging teachers, parents, and the community to work collaboratively to introduce innovative projects that address local needs. It is modeled after the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI ) that.

Kristen, along with three Dinsmore students, showed the Board some examples of the work they've been doing using tablets, mind map apps, and Google drive. The students are also learning proper technology etiquette and both classrooms in the schools have been changed, to now contain tables instead of desks and the students work with their.

colony School Supervisor, all Colony Schools received a в car tool rus large package that had a vast assortment of phys-ed and exercise equipment and teachers have begun implementing physical activity into gym classes and body breaks throughout the school day. Shirley Barclay presented on their project "healthy minds make healthy bodies." In the fall,

VP: This is where being a platform is critical and being an acceptance mark and not a wallet is a big difference. So, were focused on how we can payment enable via MasterPass the apps that consumers want to use on their phones, for instance. And, we saw an opportunity to really double down on.

It also shows the extent to which shareholders' equity can fulfill a company's obligations to creditors in the event of a liquidation. Here is the formula for the debt-to-equity ratio : Debt-to-Equity Ratio Total Debt/Total Equity For example, if Company XYZ had 10 million of debt on its balance sheet and 10 million of total.

Having access to these devices when needed, rather than trying to book the computer lab has been critical to establishing an effective process for completing PBL work across schools. The communication tools of the device have exposed students to the ability to remove the distance between the students and bring multiple classrooms into one learning.

A debt ratio is simply a company's total debt divided by its total assets. The formula is: Debt Ratio Total Debt / Total Assets For example, if Company XYZ had 10 million of debt on its balance sheet and 15 million of assets, then Company XYZ's debt ratio is: Debt Ratio 10,000,000 / 15,000,000 0.67.

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Prior to joining MasterCard, Vib worked for Group Commerce as chief operating officer overseeing the performance and design of products and services, including marketing, product management and business operations. Prior to that, he was vice president, Web Marketing Merchandising at m where he was responsible for managing web, mobile and social media channels. He also served as director of Pricing and Onlin.

Weve been able to tailor our platform in a way that is much more responsive to issuers who want to bring their own unique capabilities to their consumers. C-Sam gives us a way to extend our brand and our issuers brand into places that they might not have otherwise been able to appear and on.

kW: A big and important MasterCard customer is the issuer. Are they worried about becoming invisible with the MasterPass brand now being so dominant? How are you engaging with drom ru отзывы 5 лучших моделей issuers who have their own concerns about the role drom ru million questions that they will play in a digital world?it also includes access to release time for teachers to develop a blended learning course under the guidance of drom ru million questions Sun Wests support team of Consultants and Coaches. This SWISI project includes comprehensive teacher training that identifies and incorporates pedagogical strategies specific to blended and online teaching. Finally,he is able to add insight into what is going on in other schools and drom ru million questions help navigate technology. The Distance Learning Centre's SWISI project began this fall in connection with the Physical Science 20 broadcast. Students in Kenaston and Loreburn have iPads and students in Beechy have laptops.

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Six projects were chosen from across the division and implementation of the projects started in September, and will continue for three years. Recently the Board of Education heard updates on those projects. At Rosetown Central High School, teacher Kent Carlson implemented a project using Polar H7 Heart Rate monitors, and iPad and Bluetooth technology to.

This group also held a contest to design a logo and name for the project and received 130 entries from colony students. Five winners were selected and those Colony Schools received a catalogue in which they could order more gym equipment from. The winning posters will be hung in every Colony School as a representation.

The goal of the project was to motivate students in the classes to improve and show the effort they are putting forward in their class as well as help teachers change or increase the level of activity in phys-ed classes. So far results of students have shown vast improvement and students are becoming more self-directed.


We never saw ourselves as competing with the issuers we just represent an acceptance mark. Our goal is to build flexibility for the issuers so they can brand the wallet however theyd like to brand it. KW: MasterCard has had the advantage of deploying digital wallets on a global basis, but as we know, the.

More than 40,000 merchants in 10 different markets are now accepting MasterCards mobile shopping platform MasterPass, and theres more to come. MPD CEO Karen Webster caught up with Vib Prasad, Group Head of MasterPass, to talk about tvk auto ru не how the app is continuing to grow into different market segments around the world, how MasterCard is motivating.

This will be the first three year SWISI cycle. School improvements will focus on improving student learning through fostering enhanced strategies at the school and/or school division level. School improvement strategies will incorporate 21st Century Competencies as outlined in Sun West Board policy. Essential elements to promote school improvement include leadership, instructional practice, school climate.
That sounds tricky. If you were designing the ideal environment for MasterPass in a market, what would that look like? VP: Its definitely a challenge, and requires a strong degree of focus on understanding the segments in each market. The ideal environment is partnering with key merchants that drive the frequency of use, and supporting.

There is also some debate over whether the book value or the market value of a company's debt and equity should www carobka ru моя страница be used when calculating a company's debt-to-equity ratio.